Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Brewday 24/01/17 - Altbier

First Brewday of 2017

One advantage of being temporarily unemployed is having plenty of time to make some beer. Now I've finished decorating the hall I can concentrate on more important issues. I've got a bit of a thing about German ales, I've made Kolsch a couple of times but never an Altbier so this is my first attempt.

Altbier recipe BIAB

  • Mash for 1 hr at 66°C
  • Boil for 75 mins
  • Mash water volume 30lt
  • Munich malt 2kg
  • Pilsner malt 2kg
  • Carapils 300g
  • Caramunich III 500g
  • Carafa III 60g
  • Halletauer MF 80g - whole leaf (at start)
  • Saaz 25g - pellets (30 mins)
  • Irish Moss 1 tsp (15 mins)
  • Fermentis K97 German Ale yeast 11g pack
  • Recipe in Brewers Friend


Ended up with 20lt in the fermenter and pitched yeast at 18°C. A bit less volume than I intended but there was a fair amount of hoppy gunk left in the pan which I discarded. 
OG was 1.050 which is exactly as forecast! 
I've been hoping to use this yeast for a while but I haven't seen it in 11g packs before, only the 500g size seemed to be available in the UK until recently.

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