Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Brewday 22/03/2017 - Porter

American Porter 

Time to brew a porter I think. I have plenty of American hops so this will (hopefully) be a nice hoppy American Porter.

Grain Bill:

3.9kg Maris Otter
250g Chocolate Malt

100g Roasted Barley
125g Carafa III
230g Rolled Oats
I have used standard porridge oats, not flaked oats as usually used in homebrewing. Oats should add a creamy texture and a bit of body to the beer so I hope this works.
Recipe in Brewers Friend


15g Galena 13.2% - at start of boil
45g Cascade 8.1% - 15 mins from end
20g Mosiac 12.5% - dry hop for 4 days
25g Cascade 8.1% - dry hop for 4 days

Yeast: Fermentis Safale S04 - 1 pack


This was a BIAB recipe as usual.
Mash water volume 30lt
Mash for one hour at 66°C


I got 23.5lt in the fermenter, a bit more than anticipated but at least I get more beer. OG was 1.047, efficiency 77% (very good for me). I should end up with around 4.7% abv.

Update 31/03/2017:

The final gravity reading was 1.013, a couple of points higher than anticipated, so I got an ABV of 4.42%. Now conditioning so I'll taste it in a couple of weeks. 

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