Thursday, 27 April 2017

Brewday 27/04/2017 Another Pale Ale

Yet Another Hoppy Pale Beer

I like dark beers and I like pale beers, last time I brewed a porter so it has to be a pale ale this time.

Recipe (BIAB):

According to my extensive research (several whole minutes online) head retention is aided by carapils malt, so I've used some in this beer.
  • Mash for 1 hr at 67°C
  • Boil for 60 mins
  • Mash water volume 32lt
  • Maris Otter 4.3kg
  • Carapils 250g
  • Crystal malt 150g
  • Simcoe 20g (at start)
  • Simcoe 30g (15 mins)
  • Cascade 30g (at end)
  • Simcoe 50g (dry hopped)
  • Irish Moss 1 tsp (15 mins)
  • Fermentis Safale S04 Yeast 11g pack
  • Recipe in Brewers Friend
I am aiming to get 22lt in the fermenter, OG 1.049 and 5% abv - hopefully.


I must have miscounted when filling the pan and actually used 32lt of water, as I got 25lt in the fermenter and OG 1.046. I expect a final gravity of 1.011 and around 4.6% abv. 

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