Saturday, 6 May 2017

Beer Audit

Beer, Beer everywhere (and quite a lot to drink)

As I rapidly approach my sixth decade on the planet I find I'm brewing faster than I can drink. Bearing this in mind I conducted a stock-take, with the following results.

  • Alt Bier 11 x 500ml
  • Pale Ale 6 x 500ml
  • Porter 30 x 500ml
  • Another Pale Ale 33 x 500ml, 21 x 330ml
  • Enough ingredients (except 1 pack of yeast) to brew another 45 litres (two more brewdays)
So 90 odd litres of beer in one form or another.

I have entered two homebrew competitions so I will probably send my most recent pale ale to those and I'm also involved with the Manchester Beer Week Homebrew Exposition which takes place on Sunday July 2nd. This event involves several homebrewers giving away free beer (free beer!) so I might need a fair amount for this. Looks like I need to brew some more beer.

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