Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Another Pale Ale Tasting

Hazy, Cloudy, Murky

Time to finally report on the Pale Ale brewed on April 27th. I have tried this a few times since I bottled it but left it until now in the vain hope it might clear. Unfortunately it hasn't done so.

Usually I can see the logos on the other side of the glass through the beer, but not in this case so something is not quite right. Admittedly I did forget to add the Irish Moss to the boil but I've done that in the past and the beer has always cleared up a lot more than this one. On the bright side it is still quite drinkable, there is a bit of hop aroma and the carbonation is ok, but it has that hint of homebrew tang that reminds me of cheap kits brewed with sugar. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong and hazy beer is not a bad thing in itself. If I'd planned to brew a cloudy beer it would be fine, but I didn't so it's not.


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