Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Pale Ale brewday 07/02/2017

Pale Ale brewday 07/02/2017

This is similar to the pale ale I brewed in November 2016, but this time I will bottle it rather than put in the pressure barrel.

Recipe (BIAB):

  • Mash for 1 hr at 67°C
  • Boil for 60 mins
  • Mash water volume 30lt
  • Maris Otter 4.4kg
  • Carapils 200g
  • Crystal malt 70L 200g
  • Galena 20g (at start)
  • Amarillo 30g (15 mins)
  • Amarillo 45g (at end)
  • Citra 20g (dry hopped 3 days)
  • Irish Moss 1 tsp (15 mins)
  • Gervin English Ale Yeast 11g pack
Hopefully I should get 21-22lt in the fermenter.


I ended up with 23lt in the fermenter and 1.050 OG, exactly as predicted! Hopefully I 'll get a final gravity reading of 1.012 giving 5% ABV.

Update 15/02/17

Actual FG was 1.011, so ABV = 5.1% and attenuation = 78%.
Final bottle count was 42 x 500ml, should keep me going for a bit!

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