Saturday, 18 February 2017

Scottish Pale Ale tasting

First Tasting

After 11 days of bottle conditioning it's time to check the Scottish Pale Ale brewed on Jan 31st.

It's excellent, I am really pleased with this. It is beautifully bitter and full bodied, very smooth, very clear and extremely drinkable despite the strength (5.8%) I might make this again. It's going to be even better after a few more weeks conditioning. I must remember not to drink it all as I am entering it in the Stockport Beer Festival Homebrew Competition, and they want four bottles! 

Update 23/03/2017

Just tasted this again and it's got better. Very crisp clean taste, extremely clear and well carbonated. I find it almost tastes like a strong European lager. The Edinburgh Ale yeast is exceptional.

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